How to Be Positive


Be part of experimental positivity by joining the challenge! Here's how:

1. Jump in now, no matter what day of the challenge it is.
No need to go back to find Day 1. Start today! Check out the Positivity Plan to find out more about what the challenge is about. Use the plan as a contract with yourself and get rolling!

2. Subscribe to Experimental Positivity to have daily challenges delivered right to your inbox.
Use the sign up box at the top of the site. (Add to your Contacts list so the challenges don't land in the Spam folder.)

3. Keep a Positivity Journal to track your progress.
Get a paper or online notebook/calendar. This is your Positivity Journal/Devotional/whatever you wish to call it. Each day, record the challenge, your thoughts on how it went, and make a quick note of your mood. This helps develop a habit and mindfulness of positive thinking.
BONUS POSITIVITY if you make this as an art journal to illustrate each day's theme. (But totally optional.)

4. Grab the badge and get your positivity pride on!
Make your challenge official! Right click and save this participant badge and post it on your blog, Facebook page, etc! (A link back to is appreciated!) Why? Not to toot my horn (although this is certainly appreciated), but to let everyone know you're starting a challenge. This will help you feel accountable to keep going.

5. If a challenge doesn't fit, alter it or substitute for something similar.
If one of the challenges doesn't apply or isn't possible for you, don't skip the day entirely.
1. Find a way to make it work
2. Do/redo a past challenge
3. Make up a challenge of your own. The point is to make positivity a focus that becomes a habit, and the more days you beat the challenge, the easier it is to make a habit out of it.

6. Share the Friday quotes out on your own social media.
And don't forget that moment of contemplating how the quote relates to your own life, or how you can implement it to make your outlook brighter.

7. Invite a friend to get positive with you!
It can be helpful to have a spouse, friend, or coworker join the challenge too, so you can both encourage each other to keep going. So send the link to this blog to someone you care about!

8. Give me your feedback!
Have challenges helped you? Are you struggling with them? Do you have suggestions for upcoming challenges? Feel free to email me at I'd love to hear from you.


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