The Positivity Plan

Updated 2/28/16
The idea to try a year of positivity may have been an experimental notion when I first set out, but I didn't want my approach to be haphazard. I carefully outlined some goals into a contract to let me know I was taking this seriously.

Feel free to use this as is or adapt it for your needs.

My Positivity Plan

1. I will embark on a one-year mission to actively seek a positive mindset.

2. I will achieve this new mindset by engaging in uplifting activities, both on the Internet and in "real" life.

3. The daily challenge activities will consist primarily of small and easily managed gestures rather than large, sweeping changes. I will endeavor to complete these every day, but I will not berate myself if I miss a day.

4. I will determine not to undermine my efforts by limiting exposure to negative activities and individuals (reading too much news, Internet flame wars, etc.).

5. I will keep a blog, calendar, or journal to track my journey during the experience.

6. The time and effort the challenges will involve shall, when possible, be taken directly from time/effort previously spent on something negative: worrying, gossip, reading bad news, etc.

Signed:________________________________  Date:__________________

Over the course of one year, the above contract can help reclaim time spent patrolling depressing news stories, browsing online troll wars, and lying awake at night steeped in worry. That time will be redirected to finding the good and the beauty in life, making it a part of everyday existence.


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