Thursday, December 10, 2015

Day 285: Skip (Some) Holiday Treats

Posted by J. Rose Allister at 6:00 AM

Today's Positivity activity: Vow to limit how many times to say "yes" to all the holiday treats floating around this month.

Do this instead of:  Saying yes to them all.

On Thursdays I post a food and/or health related challenge. And just let me say, the holiday season is my biggest challenge of the year. Every time I turn around, people are hosting parties, potlucks, bringing sweets to work, giving me gifts of chocolate and other indulgences, etc.

Rather than going whole-hog on the one side or trying to tell myself I'll resist them "all" (and then not doing it and feeling guilty), I've come up with a different plan this time. I will say no to every other treat that crosses my path, effectively cutting my holiday consumption by 1/2. (Bonus points for limiting the portion size of the sweets I say yes to.) It'll control the chaos, I hope. And 1/2 the sugar and fat this month isn't bad.

The Results: Well let me just confess right here and now that I skipped off to work and conveniently forgot all about today's challenge. So no, Virginia, I did NOT say "no" to half the treats. I pretty much said yes to everything that came along. But that will not be the case for the rest of the season! I've vowed to make this a rest-of-December thing.

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