Sunday, March 27, 2016

Day 28: Work with Clay

Posted by J. Rose Allister at 6:00 AM

Sundays focus on enrichment for the mind, alternating between right brain creativity, left brain logic/education, and general acts of personal positivity.

Today's Positivity activity:  Work with clay.
Clay can be so therapeutic! I'm not just talking about creating a masterpiece worthy of a museum. Just manipulating it in your fingers can relax muscles and ease tension. I injured my hand last year, and the therapist gave me a special putty to use for strength and mobility. I found that working with it also helped relieve stress.

BONUS POSITIVITY if you include friends or family!

If you don't have clay or the kid's PlayDoh lying around, no need to buy any! You've probably got ingredients on hand to make your own. Try these recipes:
Make Your Own Clay

For your journaling today: Write down "RIGHT brain" and the theme of today's activity. Did you work with clay? Did you make anything with it, or just work it?  Note your thoughts about whether it relieved stress/anxiety. You can be as detailed as you wish, or you can simply jot one or two sentences about it. 
 Optional: Note your daily Positivity Quotient. by rating the following on a scale of 1-100:
Positivity Boost (from today's activity)
Life in General
My Mood


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