Thursday, May 21, 2015

Day 82: Watch a Favorite Movie

Posted by J. Rose Allister at 6:00 AM
Today's Positivity activity: Watch a favorite (uplifting) movie.
Do this instead of: 1/2 hr of web patrol.

Today I'm giving myself permission to sit back and watch a movie. Not just any movie, but one of those tried and true, happy endings flicks I have watched time and again. I have many "favorite" movies like this, but the rule for today is the movie's dark moments can't be seriously dark and nothing else should be overly negative. You know, FUN. My choice of Mama Mia fits this bill perfectly. So happy-go-lucky, and the singing always brings a smile.

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Positivity Boost (from today's activity)

25 / 100

 Life in General
75 / 100

 My Mood
65 / 100

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