Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Day 88: Have a Video Game Day

Posted by J. Rose Allister at 1:20 PM
Today's Positivity activity: Declare today a video game fun day
Do this instead of: 2 hrs of random Facebook

For today's challenge I wanted something purely fun. I decided to play Minecraft, partly because there's positive satisfaction to be gained from building and creating things, and partly because I play on a server, which lets me help others and be more social when I might otherwise isolate.

Okay, I confess this was super fun...and not only did I get to facebook with one of my older kids who was home declaring it a game day for him, but I joined in on a group cleanup project to help the server I'm building on. 

Daily Positivity Levels (updated at the end of the day)*

Positivity Boost (from today's activity)
40 / 100

 Life in General
75 / 100

 My Mood
75 / 100

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