Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Day 256: Organize the Bathroom

Posted by J. Rose Allister at 6:00 AM

Today's Positivity activity: Organize the medicine cabinet or other shelves in the bathroom.

Do this instead of:  60 min Facebook patrol

I've been rolling along fairly well with my household positivity challenges, so today I'm going to tackle a room I haven't had as a challenge yet: the bathroom. Chances are, you have a medicine cabinet or some other type of shelves in the bathroom (If not, how's that counter?). Now's the time to pull everything out, wipe down the shelves, toss old and expired items, and organize neatly.

The Results: I don't have a medicine cabinet in my bathroom, instead I have one of those shelving racks that fits over the back of the toilet. I  straightened everything nicely. Next time, I'll tackle the stuff stored under the sink.

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