Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Day 262: Install a (Virtual) Water Feature

Posted by J. Rose Allister at 6:00 AM

Today's Positivity activity:  Indulge in the relaxing benefits of a water feature (either one you already have or a "virtual" one you find online)
Do this instead of:  TV in the background

I am a big fan of water features, both indoor and outdoor. With my state currently in a severe drought, however, I have eliminated almost all fountains and such. I miss the relaxing sound of trickling water, however, so today I'll go the "virtual" route.

The Results: I was so busy today that I almost forgot about this one! I remembered in time to have my "water feature" at my desk at work for a couple hours, though, which was nice. For the fountain video above, ignore the opening minute or so where they intro how the video is good for "babies". It's great for any age!

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