Thursday, September 10, 2015

Day 194: Try a New Vegetable

Posted by J. Rose Allister at 6:00 AM

Today's Positivity activity: Try a new vegetable I've never had, or a new take on a vegetable I have previously resisted.

Do this instead of:  Eating whatever, without thought to my veggie needs

Thursdays are the day I post a  nutrition-related challenge, and after Sunday's cheesecake challenge, I can really use it! I'd been basing Thursdays around my daughter's nutrition schoolwork, but  this week's assignment is breakfast, which I tackled back on Day 124. So today I decided to expand on my previous fruits/veggies challenge by trying out a vegetable I've been neglecting. As you may have guessed from today's clipart, I'm talking about the humble beet.  Rich in B vitamins, folate, and mutrients that help fight heart disease, it's a vegetable worth investigating. However, the only beets I ever ate growing up came from a can, and I "CAN"not face another serving. Ever. But I've decided to tackle fresh beets, something I've never tried before, and see how it goes.

The Results: Okay, yum! I went super simple on my beets and just sautéed some diced up beets (that I'd boiled first to soften) along with the greens from the beet tops. Some salt and butter and whammo, these were pretty delicious. What surprised me was that I enjoyed the beet greens almost more than the beets themselves.

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